LUCERO is located on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast, the Nicoya Peninsula. The blooming village of Santa Teresa is situated in the middle of Costa Rica’s surfing mecca. What was once just eight years ago a dirt road and a few small hostels is now brimming with international tourists and worldwide wave-chasers! Many who arrived only for a surf vacation in Costa Rica fell in love with the area and decided to stay. These newcomers from around the world, give a trendy international flavor to the local Costa Rican scene, from music and art to bakeries and a wide variety of restaurants. 


Where will you be staying?


For 8 years we have accommodated our guests at beautiful Otro lado but now we can spend even more quality time with our guests because we just finished building a boutique hotel. It has four private rooms, a private home, 1 small apartment and a restaurant with pool. Lucero is build on a hillside in the middle of town just off the main street and walking distance to supermarket, restaurants and the beach! The lowest level is communal with restaurant for your breakfast, lunch, dinners, theory lessons and a pool in front to cool off when it's hot. On the second level there are the four rooms looking out over the pool with on the side a cool little garden to hang out in. On top of the hill is the main house that usually gets rented to families and on the back side of the hill with view of the jungle is a small private apartment. 

All rooms all have therapeutic matrasses, AC, ceiling fan, mini fridge, safe and a comfortable hammock. Our 'style' is a combination of old Spanish on the outside with white brick walls, Spanish tile on the roofs and touches from Bali on the inside with finished concrete, beautiful wood, items shipped all the way from Bali and last but not least the most comfortable & beautiful linen sheets all the way from a small company in Australia Deiji. (we love small business that offer something special)


Accomodations Accomodations

Accomodations Accomodations Accomodations  

(More pictures will be posted soon!)